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Once upon a time…

Auntie Marie

In order for us to tell the story of our deli in its entirety, we must travel back in time, to the moment where our hotel, the Mirabeau, was founded. The hotel was built in 1975 by our grandfather, Meinrad Julen, and has since been taken over by the second generation Sepp & Rose Julen, and now also by the third generation Marie & Francis Reichenbach. Our grandpa Meinrad had seven siblings, whereof one was named Maria Julen. Auntie Marie remained single and being the self-reliant woman that she was, opened her won business - a risky venture for an unwed woman at the time. Her comestible shop (see picture above) was the first of its kind in Zermatt and in the region. She sold luxury fine food products, "tourist provisions" and exotic fruits, therefrom her nickname "Frichte Mari", the word "Frichte" meaning "fruit" in the Zermatt dialect.

Today, approximately 50 years later, we had the idea of opening a comestible shop in combination with a restaurant concept - and what better name could ew have found as "Marie's Deli"? The name pays homage to our auntie Marie, to her girl power and innovation, and to the good old days, where hearty, homemade food was cherished, and fresh produce was considered a luxury good.

Your hosts

Family Julen, Reichenbach & Kracht

​Already in the second and third generation, the Julen and Reichenbach family remain hosts of the Deli operation.
Foodies at heart, they allow themselves to be inspired by the lingering tastes and food trends that the world has to offer.
In collaboration with Executive Chef Geraldine Geroué, Marie and Francis, as well as the rest of the family, regularly create new menu offerings based on seasonality and by integrating renowned family recipes.
Dishes can be enjoyed either on the spot or at home.


Homemade delicacies



Deli Specials


Château Lilian Ladouys, Saint Estèphe AOC


Confiserie Brändli - Brändli Bombe

Grandmother Rose's raspberry jam

Party service and home deliveries

Whether you are hosting a dinner party at your private chalet or holiday home in Zermatt, or need help in organizing a larger event for up to 250 guests, Marie's Deli certainly has the right array of catering services to satisfy your needs.
With Marie's Deli deliveries, we bring our culinary delicacies and fine food products straight to your doorstep. For food, beverage and wine orders as of CHF 100.- onwards from the Deli menu, orders can be placed on the same day. For all other special requests, we recommend that you order a day in advance
( Zermatt area only, additional charges apply ).

Food Truck 2.jpg

Sharing Platters

SPECIALS EN be enjoyed in the deli with a glass of wine or with a refreshing aperitif take-away or to be enjoyed in comfort at home

Just great and simple

Our Catering Service

Deli Catering.jpg

Different tapas selection

News from

Marie's Deli


Marie's Deli Zermatt

Untere Mattenstrasse 12

3920 Zermatt

Tel.: +41 27 966 26 60




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